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While January’s ice fishing season came and went within the blink of an eye, it didn’t stop these islanders from catching some nice looking walleye through the ice! Top Row left to right are Theresa Finney from Put-in-Bay Rd., Terry Jenkins from Ohio Edison, Aaron “Vern” Schroeder from East Point Ice Charters and Mike Koch from the Put-in-Bay Brewery & Distillery. Bottom Row left to right are Gwena Market from Miller Boat Line, Jordan Beck from Northern Exposure Investments, Ryan Stoiber from the Frosty Bar and Jordan Jenkins from the Park Hotel.

Lake Erie Safety Zone Regulation

The U.S. Coast Guard will enforce the safety zone on the lake during the winter months to protect those who use the waterways from hazards.

The U.S. Coast Guard began enforcing the regulation of a safety zone around the islands in Lake Erie on Wednesday, January 24th, at 8 a.m. for winter weather hazards.
The protocol is intended to protect those who use the waterway during the winter months from hazards associated with winter weather and navigation, according to the Coast Guard.

A map of the zone is included below.

The west boundary extends to Port Clinton, the south boundary extends to near Huron, and the north boundary extends to the U.S.-Canada border in the lake itself. - Credit: US Coast Guard

Isle St. George, Middle Bass Island, Put-in-Bay, Kelleys Island, Catawba Island, Lakeside Marblehead and the Sandusky Bay are covered in the safety zone.

Any vessels that entered the zone after enforcement began were required to contract Sector Detroit at (313) 568-9560 to request permission to enter the zone. The request must be made 72 hours in advance, the Coast Guard said.

Twenty Rescued from Ice Floe

On Monday, January 22nd, the Coast Guard rescued nine people and four people were rescued by the Put-in-Bay Fire Department from an ice floe about a half mile off Catawba Island. Seven people were able to self-rescue via their own airboat. A total of 20 people were rescued from the ice floe. At first, some individuals may have been unaware that they were on a drifting ice floe.

At 10:21 a.m. Coast Guard and local authorities responded to an initial report of more than 20 people on an ice floe a half mile off shore near Catawba Island. Coast Guard crews from Station Marblehead and Air Station Detroit responded in conjunction with the Put-in-Bay Fire Department and Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office. In total, there were five rescue assets on scene: 1 Helicopter, 1 Sherp ATV and 3 Airboats. Stranded individuals were either ferried to Catawba Island State Park, or flown to the airport. There were no injuries reported.

“We are committed to public safety and want to remind everyone the importance of exercising caution around ice formations,” said Lt. Adeeb Ahmad, Sector Detroit Public Affairs Officer. “Ice floes are unpredictable and can quickly become hazardous, particularly in windy conditions or strong currents. Always check local ice conditions before venturing out and be prepared for any emergencies. Your safety is our top priority.”

For more information, contact Lt. Adeeb Ahmad, Sector Detroit Public Affairs Officer, at (313) 568-9473 or email